Pentagon loses 2.3 TRILLION but Demands Repayment of 15k Bonuses from Soldiers

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Pentagon loses 2.3 TRILLION but Demands Repayment of 15k Bonuses from Soldiers

On September 10th, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld went in front of cameras and admitted that the Pentagon basically LOST 2.3 TRILLION dollars (yes with a T) because their computers couldn't effectively communicate. The next morning on the 11th, the accounting area responsible for tracking it was coincidentally or conveniently destroyed depending on how you understand the event.

2.3 Trillion amounts to about 8 thousand dollars for every man woman and child in the United States. Could you use 8 grand right about now? I know I could. Think about if you re-signed up to risk your life in the military after being promised a mere 15,000 dollar bonus in comparison. Now imagine the same entity who paid it, is now demanding it back with reported threats of collection agencies etc.. None of us could imagine going to war unless we'd already been there, but try to imagine surviving war only to have the bonus you were promised snatched back out of your hands. This is nothing new, the "Bonus March" veterans were attacked by their fellow soldiers for camping out on the Capitol grounds and demanding the bonus they were promised in 1932.

 I don't know about you, but I don't "support the troops" by driving around blaring some Kid Rock CD waving my Chinese manufactured American flag sporting a yellow ribbon on my bumper. I support them by speaking truth to power and trying my best to expose and restrict the blood and profit hungry hawks that want to send our troops into harm's way for the benefit of multinational corporations and other special and foreign interests. It's infuriating to me that we're told that our troops are being sent overseas to "spread and protect Democracy" yet our own alleged "Representative Republic" is in peril and moving steadily toward a much larger war with countries that have as many if not more nuclear weapons than we do. Our troops are "over there" supposedly protecting the integrity of elections, yet our elections have been corrupted since at least the 1820's.

We're told that they are "protecting our Freedoms" yet liberty and sovereignty have been steadily attacked under the guise of  "security" with sometimes unread draconian legislation passed like the "Patriot Act" and the "NDAA" declaring our own soil a "battlefield" and our own citizens the enemy without due process. The bottom line is that our troops AND the citizens they signed up to protect have been lied to, abused, and ultimately ripped off. Unfortunately our troops have been protecting pipeline pathways, puppet dictators, petro-dollars, and poppy fields under the guise of protecting America. Afghanistan has had record opium crops just about every year since the US led invasion according to the UN. Now, that Heroin has exploded onto the streets of the US and Europe and is not just destroying lives in the inner cities but has now crept its way into the suburbs. The profits are being laundered and funneled back in through the big banks and wall street.

It's time to lift the curtain and not only expose but hold accountable the central banking cartels, shady politicians and their counterparts in the corrupt "mainstream media." They are responsible for the mess we are in and I would normally say that WE are ultimately responsible for voting them in, but after recent revelations of how our electoral system is "rigged" both by the GOP party bosses, the DNC super delegates, their agent provocateurs and the easily hacked e-voting machines along with the networks they are on, then I have to wonder if we have a choice, or just the illusion of choice. Regardless, it's time to reevaluate what we think we know and what we actually know and take action from there. Otherwise, these psychopaths would rather burn the country to the ground rather than return power back to the people.

They work to keep us divided and distracted while they run off with the loot. They want to keep you on that ever inclining treadmill and too tired or too concerned about your credit score or how white your teeth are to stop for a second to take a look has been happening for the last several decades. They want you to know more about sports stats and celebrity status than actually research how we got to where we are today. It's time to wake up and face some  ugly truths. The future of this nation depends on it.

These people have no conscience; they are amoral.

The deaths of 3,000 people have yet to be addressed.  They will be. 

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