Local Police Accept Federal Grants to Expand Surveillance

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UFT Staff
Local Police Accept Federal Grants to Expand Surveillance

The federal government is steadily offering money to local police departments that is making them more beholden to the feds and is also helping to change the character of local law enforcement. Here is just a sampling of reports of congressmen crowing about the awarding of grants by the federal government to police departments nationwide and the next-gen technology and tools cops are buying with the boon.

Steadily and speedily, the forces of the militarized police are denying citizens the protections of fundamental civil liberties afforded us by the Bill of Rights. While there remain legions of law-enforcement officers devoted to protecting and serving their fellow citizens, the federal government’s proffer of powerful, free (or almost free), weapons, vehicles, gear, and tactical training is making the allure of becoming an unofficial branch of the armed forces irresistible.

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