Trump Wall the Greatest Infrastructure Project and Tourist Attraction in History

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Trump Wall the Greatest Infrastructure Project and Tourist Attraction in History

My plan for the Trump Wall is that it will become the greatest tourist attraction in history, and better than the Great Wall of China or Hadrian's Wall in Britain. It will have incorporated Trump hotels, motels, water parks, zip lines, currency (gold & silver) outlets, dutyfree shops of all kinds, world restaurants, concert venues, language schools, a Trump University campus, U.S. Military bases, Mexico Marines bases, Nascar track, Indy Car track, Olympic City, movie production studios, manufacturing cities and agricultural zones. It will be the greatest tax producing venture in the free world, for both Mexico and The USA. Think about Trump Interplanetary Spaceport.

The Trump Wall will be an entire 'corridor', from Gulf of Mexico (Brownsville) to Pacific (San Diego), which incorporates deep water ports with a 6-track, electric rail line between the two termini.  The Mexicans can be trusted to build the corridor with our planning and management.  The Wall will become the greatest infrastructure development in the history of mankind, and its completion will reinvigorate the two moribund economies.  It will change forever the entire dialectic regarding 'border security', becoming instead the place where the two peoples come together, rather than merely a symbol of their separation.  The mile-wide corridor will ultimately provide for its primary function of security between the two countries, Norte y Sur.

I have designed the Wall, and I ask that the candidate consider changing the whole rhetoric regarding its meaning before confronting both the media and the Democrat nominee.

Interesting concept.

Welcome to UFT btw. We are still doing some construction and ironing out some minor details to make it more user friendly. I didn't realize Roger Stone would tweet the site out so quickly, but the hope is to have a connection with Trump to provide ideas and solutions as sometimes the best ideas come from the bottom up, not the top down. Thanks for keeping it short.

The wall is just one of the many things Trump wants to do.

I don't know if the wall will be a tourist attraction. Most people are broke, so who will go see it right away? So many things need to be fixed in this country that there will be no time for a wall visit. After everything is fixed, sure why not.