Can Trump Finesse To Drain The Deep Swampy Matrix Of The Shadow Government ?

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Can Trump Finesse To Drain The Deep Swampy Matrix Of The Shadow Government ?

The CIA’s Deep State - LewRockwell:

" The CIA  ...  is the nexus of criminality, and of the Bushes and Clintons, and the world-managing elite. The CIA enjoys a virtually unlimited black budget and virtually unlimited power that is beyond the reach of the law, and beyond the control of the White House...

... Is Trump naïve, uninformed, or playing some Orwellian game? "

"Can Trump Overcome w/Robert David Steele" --



Tour of Duty


Tulsi has hands on, face to face experience so it shouldn't be surprising that she has the fullest perspective. What's surprising is the refreshingly solid intellectual honesty and character she brings to the issue. She is definitely impressive.


I think it is too early yet to be discouraged that Trump's shake up may not ultimately lead to positive changes. Trump is a counter-puncher. Hit him and he hits back twice as hard. He is a man of tremendous energy.  I would not count him out. It's early. He'll find his way. He's calling them out. He's a winner.

Let's Take Heart In The

Let's Take Heart In The Revolutionary Aspects Of The Trump Insurgency Which Happily Continues To Shake The Established Order

"Our legacy sensemaking system was largely composed of and dominated by a small set of communications channels. These included the largest newspapers (e.g., NYT and Washington Post) and television networks (e.g., CNN, CBS, Fox, etc.). Until very recently, effectively all sensemaking was mediated by these channels and, as a consequence, these channels delivered a highly effective mechanism for coordinated messaging and control. A sizable fraction of the power, influence and effectiveness of the last-stage power elites (e.g., the neocon alliances in both the Democratic and Republican parties) was due to their mastery at utilizing these legacy channels.

It is important for anyone planning in the contemporary environment to recognize that the activities of the Trump Insurgency are entirely different to all previous actors. Rather than endeavoring to establish control over the legacy infrastructure, the Trump Insurgency is in the process of destroying it entirely and replacing it with a very different architecture. One that is intrinsically compatible with its own form of collective intelligence."



Situational Assessment 2017:

Interesting Musings

Interesting Musings


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The Unz Review: