ATTENTION – All Members & Guests (Updated)

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ATTENTION – All Members & Guests (Updated)

This website is due to expire sometime in the middle of March.  The owner has not yet made a final decision about whether to renew or to just let it go away.  YOUR input is needed NOW, before the expiration date. 

IF you would like to see this site continued, please VOTE UP this post.  You don’t have to be a member to vote but, if you are a member, please log in and leave a comment for the owner.

Реклама на этом сайте строго запрещено!  Любые комментарии, содержащие объявления, на любом языке, будут удалены, и ваше членство будет прекращено.  (Translation for our real members:  Advertising on this site is strictly prohibited! Any comments containing advertisments, in any language, will be deleted and your membership will be terminated.)

Thank you for your participation in and for your immediate attention to this matter.

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please keep this site LIVE!!

Trump needs our help, as the MSM-- is a lying worthless beast that needs to be put out of its misery!! Sites like this help do that! Let the members know what you may need to keep it online! 





"I predict a Donald Trump Landslide"

This bites

 I can and will only speak for myself,maybe there are more lurkers of old suffering what is known as shell shock,it is no small matter spend years upon years on one project then have it all swept aside like it didn't mean a thing,or maybe it was fake to begin with?

  Sites like this help me to keep my sanity,and to find.d some truth amongst all the lies.But alas,it is not mine,so do what you have to do with what is yours

 If it gets shut down or not thank you for all your effort,and a nice site





This nonsense.Where do you think you are?


UFT Staff
Deleted and



I coulda done that,I wanted get the bot to respond.  :)


3 accounts

  So far by me so far on this topic

All were for pornography,2 were of Russian sites.

Seeing the dems are still playing the trump ties to Russia meme,it just might be a way to tie it a it more together

I doubt Russians are that bored and need to post here.


See here.



Please don't go


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