Advertising on UFT

 We would love to be making tons of money off of advertising, pop ups, trackers, and whatever other annoyance you find around the internet. But, we are proud to say that we are a self financanced volunteer effort that is boholden to no one and nothing, but the search for the truth.

 If you have an organization that supports Veterans Health Issues or benefits the community in some creative way and most of your revenue is not eaten up by administrative costs like so many are, we would love to hear about it. Just contact the site with more information and if we like what you are doing, we will consider putting a banner on our site with with a link to your website. All we would ask is that you pay 25 bucks to our webmaster for doing a basic button like you see here.

 We might consider advertising in the future, but for now, enjoy that your visit is ad free and your information here is kept private and will be kept that way unless you threaten the President and the SS comes knocking on our door or something like that. We will not sell or give any of your personal information to anyone without your consent, providing you follow the rules and guidelines of this site.