Add "Standard Rednecks" to the Basket of Deplorables

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UFT Staff
Add "Standard Rednecks" to the Basket of Deplorables

Another Clinton insult is directed at millions of Americans 

The Clinton clan has once again demonstrated its utter contempt for average everyday Americans.

Hillary Clinton infamously said that half of Trump’s supporters are a “deplorable” group of hateful bigots, and now her husband Bill Clinton has said that Trump supporters are “standard rednecks.”

(If I were advising Trump, I'd tell him to drop the dated theme song he's been using at the end of his rallies and use Aaron Copeland's famous "Fanfare for the Common Man" instead.  Trump could talk about both the utter contempt the Clintons have for the people, and how he honors the people enough to pay tribute to them at the end of his speeches by incorporating that timeless music.  There are even updated, modern arrangements to that classic.)