Gangs of New York "Election Day"

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Gangs of New York "Election Day"

If  you think the sytem has become less "rigged" since these days, then you are sorely mistaken. I'm not encouraging you not to vote because we must not let that wicked witch into the White House, but we need to take back our main redress of grievance with paper ballots, hand counted at the precincts, or some sort of tangible, transparent, accountable system. The shills at CNN and elsewhere scoff at the idea that elections could be rigged, but show how the voting machines can be hacked in less than a minute.

Any competent IT or network professional will tell you that ANY time you walk up to an electronic machine that is connected to a network and push some buttons leaving no tangible proof of how you voted, it will be vulnerable to corruption. How is it that we can have ATM machines around the world doing complex calculations and give you a receipt for your transaction, but we cant have some sort of paper trail proof of how we voted? That should tell you something right there. My biggest concern is that they don't pop off WWIII to distract us from the fact it has been rigged all along.