9/11 Suspects: Rudolph Rudy Giuliani

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9/11 Suspects: Rudolph Rudy Giuliani

 This is a very damning compilation of evidence against Rudy Giuliani for the attacks of 9/11. At best, he was neglegent for allowing an attack to happen on his watch, at worst he was complicit in the crime by having foreknowledge and destroying crime scene evidence at a record pace.. You have to ask yourself why this individual is even being considered for a position in a Trump cabinet much less being allowed to hang around. James Corbett reports, you decide.

Here is rudy saying that he was told the WTC was "going to come down."

Here is Rudy lying about saying he was told they were going to come down.

Here is a video Infowars recently put out showing Trump's original reaction to the WTC buildings imploding.

Here is a video of Trump changing his explanation and going with the now scientifically PROVEN false offical story.

Here is video of who was REALLY dancing according to FBI reports.

Here is a video explaning the who, what, why and how 9/11 happened.

(Better go make some popcorn because you're going to be blown away)

Here's a list of top military, engineering, law enforcement, counter terrorism, and  intel professionals that have at bare minimum called the "official story" into question.


  Here's another list of co-conspirators that need to be tried with the Clintons. #DrainTheSwamp, remember?


"Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it."