Armed Citizens Patrol US Border


Armed US citizens with the Arizona Border Recon stages reconnaissance and surveillance operations against drug and human smuggling operations on the US border with Mexico.

The group is made up of mostly former US military servicemen and women.

The group is protecting America from illegal invaders and drug cartels.


The Latest Info on Trump & Pense


Sunday morning, November 20th  beginning at 7 a.m.

Trump’s Sunday schedule in Bedminster includes New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Trump met with 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney Saturday. He also met with retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, considered a contender to lead the Pentagon.

Trump said he may announce some of his picks on Sunday.


Trump's Plan for Second Amendment



How far we have come

"Donald Trump is not their problem. Their problem is 300,000,000 of us."

Liberalism DIED Today! Will Crooks Take The Money And Run? That Means You MSM, Soros, Obama!


Soros Prepares For Trump War


George Soros and his fellow liberal mega-donors are currently readying the post-Hillary Clinton Democratic party to oppose President-Elect Donald Trump.

The Democracy Alliance has funneled upwards of $500 million toward liberal activist groups and candidates since Soros co-founded the group in 2005.

Therefore, at this year’s meeting, Soros and other liberal leaders — including Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison — will discuss opposing Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office, a plan the DA called “a terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements, and our progressive vision for an equitable and just nation.”

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Election Analysis: Stefan Molyneux Interviews Roger Stone


Donald Trump: Past, President and Future | Roger Stone and Stefan Molyneux 11-13-16


Two Trump Appointments Made


President-elect Donald Trump announced on Sunday that Stephen K. Bannon will be the White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor while Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will serve as White House Chief of Staff.

We're in good shape with Breitbart's Bannon, but Priebus isn't exactly who most of us would have liked to see as WH Chief of Staff.  However, here's another perspective that makes it seem like it will be okay:

The best frame of reference for people to filter this decision is the VP selection process when Mr. Trump selected Governor Mike Pence.  A similar set of decision making principles apply.


Message to the "Crybabies" Protesting Trump


Leftists have spent every waking moment since election day protesting the results. They insisted Trump wouldn’t accept the results of the election. And now they won’t because they lost!

The man in the video below has the perfect response to these hypocrites.

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Julian Assange Issues Statement On The US Election

Just released by Wikileaks

Assange Statement on the US-Election

By Julian Assange

In recent months, WikiLeaks and I personally have come under enormous pressure to stop publishing what the Clinton campaign says about itself to itself. That pressure has come from the campaign’s allies, including the Obama administration, and from liberals who are anxious about who will be elected US President.

On the eve of the election, it is important to restate why we have published what we have.

The right to receive and impart true information is the guiding principle of WikiLeaks – an organization that has a staff and organizational mission far beyond myself. Our organization defends the public’s right to be informed.

This is why, irrespective of the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election, the real victor is the US public which is better informed as a result of our work.

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Trump taps Peter Thiel to join presidential transition team - Libertarian

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel will join President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition team, a move that solidifies the Facebook Inc. board member’s power and could help Silicon Valley have a say in the next administration.

"Thiel’s title and exact role are still being etched out, but the Facebook board member will have a hand in vetting of presidential appointments and help select which of Trump’s campaign promises should become policies... "

“Just as much as it’s about making America great, Trump’s agenda is about making America a normal country,” Thiel said at the National Press Club on Halloween. “A normal country doesn’t have a half-trillion-dollar trade deficit. A normal country doesn’t fight five simultaneous undeclared wars. In a normal country, the government actually does its job.”


Remember Jon McNaughton's Painting "The Forgotten Man"? Guess What!!

What a great story!  McNaughton sells prints of his original paintings but, he keeps the originals.  Amazingly, just 3 days ago, he sold the original of "The Forgotten Man" to... wait for it... Sean (Snowball) Hannity (Now do you finally understand why you got pelted with snowballs, Sean?) to present as a gift to President Donald J. Trump for display in the White House!!!


Trump refused to allow journalists to travel with him on plane


Trump on Thursday refused to allow journalists to travel with him to Washington for his historic first meeting with President Barack Obama and congressional leaders. The Republican's top advisers rebuffed news organizations' requests for a small "pool" of journalists to trail Trump as he attended meetings Washington.


Canada Willing to Renegotiate NAFTA with Trump


Even before Donald Trump becomes president, the system is yielding.


10 Nov 2016 - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday he is willing to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which US President-elect Donald Trump has said he wants to change or scrap.

During the campaign, Trump called NAFTA the worst trade deal the United States has ever signed, while proposing protectionist measures to repatriate American jobs lost to free trade.


Hillary Supporters: People Have to Die “There Will Be Casualties on Both Sides”


Leftists, Communists, Hillary Supporters, #BlackLivesMatter and illegal aliens marched in several US cities last night after Donald Trump won the 2016 election on Tuesday.

The protesters were carrying Mexican flags in Chicago.



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