Don't Shoot the Messenger (Judge Nap)

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Don't Shoot the Messenger (Judge Nap)

Face it,  She Clobbered Him!  Trump utterly failed to capitalize on her greatest vulnerabilities — the widespread and largely well-grounded belief that she is untrustworthy and her well-documented record as a failure as secretary of state. I know one of his debate coaches very well. I suspect that the coach gave him superb ideas and one-line zingers, none of which he used. I also suspect that the coach’s advice went in one of Trump’s ears and out the other.

But both candidates’ performances deeply disappointed me. I confess to a moral preference for personal liberty in our supposedly free society. Did you hear the word “freedom” or any of its variants or the Constitution mentioned by either debater? I did not.

Neither mentioned the primacy of the individual over the state, and neither spoke about the guarantees of liberty in the Bill of Rights. Both believe in a government that can right any wrong, regulate any behavior and tax any event.

Who really wants a choice between two proponents of monster government, bigger than it is now? Whatever became of “that government is best which governs least”? Who will protect us from a government that takes more than it gives?

Was Judge Nap aware of all of the skullduggery?

Was Judge Nap aware of all of this skullduggery before writing this story?  The debate was rigged from the word go.

1. Hillary had one week of preparation with full knowledge of the questions that would be asked.

2. Two against one; the moderator worked for Hillary.

3. Moderator wore an illegal earpiece being prompted by those off stage.

4. Hillary used zinger notes, and cued moderator for speaking time.

5. Moderator attacked Trump and controlled him for Hillary to attack.


With those kind of deceptions stacked against Trump, it's no wonder the result was less than expected.  Besides all of that, The Judge is correct. I can think of only two people who could have overcome such underhandedness.  Those would be Stefan Molyneux or Ron Paul.