Austin Peterson Globalist Shill Or Just Another Idiot That Is Completely Clueless?

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Austin Peterson Globalist Shill Or Just Another Idiot That Is Completely Clueless?
Libertarian Austin Petersen has been running an organization designed (like flypaper) to attract freedom lovers, libertarians, those who want fiscal responsibility.
It has attracted many good and well meaning people.
But like Rush Limbaugh ... they leave the important players and entities beyond discussion. So the good people get no where ... starved of knowledge of the insiders and conspirators.
Deliberate neutralization. Take off the mask and we find socialists recruited by secret societies and funded by foundations and promoted by controlled magazines and media. These counterfeit and puppets are sold as conservative, Libertarian, Liberal, and Progressive.
It is a stage play run by the intelligence community. The CIA is the enforcement arm of the CFR.
Libertarian Austin Petersen's FreedomWorks originated from a political group founded by David H. Koch and Charles Koch called Citizens for a Sound Economy.
In 2004 it split into Americans for Prosperity, led by President Nancy Pfotenhauer (senior policy adviser for Council on Foreign Relations John McCain).
A remainder group merged with Empower America.
Empower America was renamed FreedomWorks. C. Boyden Gray and Bill Bennett served as co-chair. Included Vin Weber, Empower America was founded in 1993 with Jeanne Kirkpatrick (CFR/TC/ League for Industrial Democracy). Kirkpatrick was part of the (American Enterprise Institute) supported by NY Banks, Big Oil, CFR and CIA assets. Kirkpatrick was Bob Dole's campaign manager for his 1996 Presidential run.
Jeanne Kirkpatrick's husband Evron was with the OSS and Office of Intelligence Research ... they supported Fabian Socialist, ADA co-founder, Hubert Humphery (CFR). Vin Weber is on the board of the CFR with Madeline Albright Weber signed the go to war .. Project for a New American Century PNAC,
Vin Weber was the chairman for National Endowment for Democracy. Designed to destroy nation states not part of the "international community".
Bill Bennett was about to join the Students for a Democratic Society according to the New Republic. Which is a branch of Kirkpatrick's League for Industrial Democracy. Esquire Sept1990 wrote that Bill Bennett sought advice about graduate school from (skull & bones) William Sloan Coffin. Skull & Bones Henry Luce publisher of Time honors skull & bones Wm S. Coffin Skull & Bones Coffin called for a National Conference for New Politics. It was run from Robert Hutchin's Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. Hutchin was part of the Committee to Frame a World constitution.
McGeorge Bundy (skull & bones) head of the Ford Foundation. Bundy created the Fund for the Republic that financed the operations. William Bennett and Richard Armitage both were pushing for Colin Powell's (CFR) run for president. Armitage 2nd in command of the Defense Department bought the drugs from the Golden Triangle.
Live interview
Bill Bennett was assisted by CIA founder of the NeoCons Irving Kristol that ran Encounter magazine in England supporting the Socialist Labor Party. His Bilderberger son Wm Kristol publishes the Weekly Standard.
Bill Bennett writes for The Public Interest published by Freedom House run by George Field. Field was chairman of the Rand School for Social Science which was owned by the American Socialist Society.
In Vital Speeches (April, 16 1994) Bill Bennett mentions a few of his friends ... Irving Kristol (CFR/ Rhodes Scholar) Ed Feulner and Midge Decter (CFR/ League for Industrial Democracy.
03/23/12Austin hired as as Director of Interactive Media at Freedomworks
Austin Petersen will be the new in house video producer for the influential think tank, Freedomworks in Washington D.C. starting May 1st. Stay tuned for more details!
03/26/12Austin Petersen to go to FreedomWorks
Previously an Associate Producer at Fox Business Network in New York, the newly dubbed "Freedom Ninja" Austin Petersen is returning to Washington DC to accept a position as Director of Interactive Media at FreedomWorks starting May 1st! More details soon!
Austin Petersen is conned himself ... or he is playing a stealth game. I hope it is the former and he joins in unraveling the impending global tyranny.