Roger Stone: If I'm Found Dead

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UFT Staff
Roger Stone: If I'm Found Dead

Adams: Roger, having co-authored the book, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” you know firsthand how the Clintons wage war against their enemies. This week a Politico piece mentioned that Hillary “reviles” you, and since you are already at the top of her “enemies list,” what are your plans to defend yourself against the FBI and the CIA, now and later if the Clintons win the White House?

Stone: I fully expect to be harassed if Hillary Clinton should manage to win the election. All the public issues about the Clintons that are being raised for the first time will not go away, and I have no intention of ending the fight to expose their epic corruption, ruthlessness and lies.

Therefore, if in the near future you hear that I was depressed and took my life, got hit by a truck crossing the street, or killed in a freak hunting accident, you will know that I was murdered and that Hillary Clinton is the chief perp.