Well played President Trump. Well played….

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UFT Staff
Well played President Trump. Well played….

https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/03/14/breitbart-releases-paul-ryan-audio-i-am-not-going-to-defend-trump-not-now-not-in-the-future/#more-129926  (A great read!)

If Trump was going to pull off a "reverse Castellano’s", Caesar needed Brutus to feel comfortable enough to come close…

The problem for Speaker Ryan was a lack of muti-dimensional situational awareness, and the abject inability to escape President Trump’s political gravity.  Breitbart Media, with transparent coordination between Matthew Boyle, Steve Bannon and President Trump delivers the shiv right on cue.

Caesar Trump knows he must publicly shower Brutus Ryan with praise so the audience can provide the authentic fuel needed for Brutus to overcome any internal trepidation.  Caesar Trump needs Brutus Ryan to feel empowered and emboldened.

Only when Brutus thinks his travels are inconsequential, can he be counted on to drop his guard and believe his schemes and associations are undetected.  Read the entire article HERE.

Breitbart Releases Paul Ryan Audio:  Paul Ryan's conference call with House Republicans 10.10.16