GREAT FILM! Medicinal Missions Film "Project 22"

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GREAT FILM! Medicinal Missions Film "Project 22"

"The best way to rebuild the military would be to stop abusing them in the first place" -Ron Paul








During a 6,500 mile journey, two Combat Veterans ride motorcycles across the country, discovering holistic methods of Post Traumatic Growth and meeting inspirational Warriors who have overcome extreme difficulties to thrive in their lives post-Military.
This non-profit documentary, co-directed by combat Veterans, responsibly explores challenges warriors encounter and serves as a catalog of hope that will benefit Veterans, families and anyone who has dealt with trauma, loss or depression.


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Good film

Part of what we will be focusing on is veteran's health issues, their homelessness, and general disregard by the Govt. that sent them into battle in the first place. Many have just been pharmaceutical experiments. There is also a section here called "Soldiers Speak" as not many people have a better grasp on foreign policy than the ones who were sent overseas to see it first hand.