Why were Orlando victims moved TO the club?

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Ralph Hornsby
Why were Orlando victims moved TO the club?

I tried to upload this video to youtube, but it's been blocked worldwide.  So I put it in my dropbox.  Don't know if victims were being taken out a back way and circling way around....whatever.  Watch and judge for yourself.


Big Stinking Lies Throughout This Hoax And Cover up

Big Stinking Lie

4um: Omg! Judge Napolitano: “Nobody died until 05:13 in the morning”


Liberty Belle
Orlando~A few notes in the margin..
Is this the same FBI investigating Hillary ad infinitum?

In other words what is the connection among the FBI investigations of Hillary, Orlando, what hit the Pentagon, and JFK?

Answer: The connection is: corruption.

Liberty Belle
Yep, totally corrupt!

There are numerous other examples, too as we well know!  I would prefer to call these 'False Flags' rather than a 'hoax', people do die as a result of False Flags, we may never know how many were legit deaths and how many possibly fake but likely a mix of both.  Here is additional commentary on the Orlando event and the botched Calif. event via G. Edward Griffin

also, you might enjoy an old favorite article always very relevant: 09-11-1984 The Calculus of Fear